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Aeronautics: The Division of Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology invites applications for one tenure-track position at the assistant professor level.

Initial appointments at the assistant professor level are for four years and contingent on completion of the PhD degree. Exceptionally qualified candidates at the associate or full professor level may also be considered.

Application Instructions
Candidates should submit an on-line application. A CV, list of publications, statements of research and teaching plans, copies of three publications, and a list of four references are required (in a single pdf document).

This site describes the activities of a group of Caltech faculty broadly interested in the mechanical behavior of solids. How a solid body reacts to forces, how it deforms, and how it fails are central issues, and these are addressed in a variety of scales ranging from a cluster of atoms to tectonic plates. The behavior of a single molecule like DNA, the application of active materials to microactuation, diagnostics of microelectronic devices, the deformation and failure behavior of metallic glasses and advanced composites, the development of ballistic armor, wave propagation including tunable phononic and photonic materials, and the study of earthquakes are but a few examples of the activities in Caltech in this area. They involve theoretical, experimental, and computational methods and span multiple graduate options in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science as well as the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences.

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